What Are Content Pillars and How Do They Benefit You

When marketing your product and/or service is important to be completely intentional about not only what you want to say but what you would like your audience to take from your content too.

Do you ever feel like you’re randomly posting without much purpose or direction?

Content pillars are 3-5 themes that you will use regularly in your content that resonate with your target audience and help to keep you “on brand”.

For example, if you run a local coffee shop, your content pillars could be, highlighting speciality coffee and ingredients, local community updates, tips on Skin and Aesthetic Clinic, your content pillars could be, skincare product recommendations, the best nutrition for skincare, post-appointment skincare advice and client spotlights.

Keep reading for the 3 top reasons Content Pillars will help your brand’s social media strategy.


Easier To Plan Ahead

Whether you’re looking at content for your personal brand or your business, having designated content pillars for your brand makes it much easier to plan. When you know the sub-types of content you want to produce it allows you to allocate the ideas you have into different pockets of your social media plan overall.

It also means when you are taking time out to brainstorm you can isolate the brainstorm sessions for individual content pillars. At a glance, you can dictate what you want the bulk of your content to look like. If you are for example running a local coffee shop you may want to position yourself as a brand in the know of speciality.


Easier To Ensure You’re On Brand

When you’ve had the honest conversation with yourself on what you want your brand to be defined by it can be easier to keep your business “on-brand”. With the fast pace of social media and the news cycle it can be easy to spot what’s trending but sometimes more difficult to decide what to include in your brand’s content.

Having established content pillars also mean if you decide to step out of the content pillars set, you can see how this fit into your overall strategy.


Easier To Monitor Feedback From Your Community and Further Build Your Brand Strategy

When your content pillars are thought out and intentionally used as part of your social media strategy, it can allow you easily identify which pieces of content your audience engage with the most. This will help you to further identify the value your audience see in the content and fuel future ideas of what you can create to inform, entertain and educate your audience.

What will your content pillars be?

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