Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers

Have you ever contemplated buying followers for your business page? We could go through all of the reasons why this is absolutely detrimental for your business goals and your social media goals but here are our 4 top reasons why you shouldn't buy followers-EVER!


1) It’s not in line with your social media goal

It’s easy to assume that people are going to engage with your social media page when you have more followers. The reality is that these fake followers are not likely to engage with or enhance your brand in any way whatsoever. Your goal should be geared towards building a loyal base of followers who will interact with your content and go on to buy your product. Lots of followers on paper sounds appealing because you’ve reached your target, but even if the accounts are real, it doesn’t mean they will connect with your message and stay on as followers. You want your followers to look at your posts and feel bonded to your business and what you stand for.


2) It's not going to increase your engagement

The problem with bought followers is that they won’t engage with your account whilst they’re there. You can’t influence a fake follower and they’ll never be invested in what you have to offer. It may seem appealing at first to have higher follower numbers, but ultimately it will mess with your engagement statistics because the likes/ comments on your posts will be misaligned with the followers you appear to have. Brands know this and once they ‘spot the bots’ they will be put off by the fact that your followers don’t engage with your content. You need loyal, active followers to build your business and there are much better ways to increase engagement without skewing your metrics.


3) It's going to destroy your credibility

Fake followers are dangerous for your business because they can affect your reputation and destroy your credibility. Instagram and other platforms recognise this online behaviour and will purge your account of fake followers, as it’s against their terms of service. Bot accounts tend to leave inappropriate comments and once people realise your following hasn’t been organically built, they will question your legitimacy as a business and wonder if you’ve been fraudulent in other areas. You’ll also miss out on potential collaborations with other brands, as they’ll want to protect their reputation! If you do have the extra budget for followers, it is better spent on strategic paid social advertising which can extend the reach of your posts and engage those who wouldn’t otherwise be aware of your business.


4) It doesn't give you real insights into your business or your potential customers

When you buy followers, it becomes difficult to examine the true performance of your business because, followers' ≠ clients. It won’t matter if you have 100k+ followers if none of the traffic is heading to your business page and purchasing your product! This tactic can stall the organic promotion of your business by curbing your brand’s reach and social media management then becomes redundant. Focus instead on creating fantastic content and the genuine followers will come!

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